Welcome to Senior Design!

For undergraduate students studying Mechanical Engineering at The Johns Hopkins University, the culmination of the undergraduate experience is Senior Design. Students work cohesively with classmates to solve engineering problems that come directly from industry or academia over two full semesters. Rather than assign students a cookie-cutter design project for a grade, Senior Design challenges students to solve real engineering problems affecting the world today. As part of Senior Design, students:

  • Work together with fellow future-engineers in cohesive groups
  • Meet and interface with real-world clients to solve engineering problems with real impact on society
  • Manage and operate within a budget (typically $5k-15k)
  • Design and analyze prototypes using the skills learned over their undergraduate careers
  • Manufacture and test multiple prototypes
  • Collaborate with world-leading researchers on multi-disciplinary teams
  • Learn and use cutting-edge technology and manufacturing processes
  • Present and deliver a final prototype to their clients at the end of the Spring semester
  • Participate in MESD Design Days (Fall and Spring), where they interact with a panel of judges from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)

  Sponsor a Senior Design Team

Interested in becoming a sponsor for a JHU Mechanical Engineering Senior Design team? Design projects in MESD are dependent on participation and sponsorship from within industry and academia. If you represent an enterprise that has a project, research idea, or design problem and would like to explore the opportunity of sponsoring a Senior Design team, please contact Dr. Nathan Scott via our Contact page.

For more information on MESD sponsorship, please visit our Sponsor page.